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The pillars of Casa Maria

Our passionate team of educators - nurturing young souls and minds

At Casa Maria, our dedicated educators are more than teachers; they are mentors, guiding young minds on a path of discovery. With passion and expertise, they foster a love for learning, encourage creativity and provide a nurturing environment where students flourish academically and personally, preparing for a bright future.

Knowledge and Expertise 95%
Passion and Dedication 90%
Effective Communication 92%

Within the vibrant halls of Casa Maria, our team of educators is a tapestry of creativity and compassion. Like artists, they blend expertise with boundless enthusiasm to craft an educational masterpiece. We celebrate their tireless dedication each day as they ignite the spark of curiosity and inspire dreams. In their nurturing embrace, every child's laughter resonates like a joyful symphony. Casa Maria is not just a school; it is a canvas of hope, where the colors of knowledge and happiness blend to paint a beautiful journey of growth and discovery.


Merrin Charles


The Principal, teachers and all staff are one big, happy family here. Casa Maria provides a stimulating environment for teachers as well. All teachers are Montessori trained, loving and dedicated and put all their efforts to empower and nurture each child to discover and harness their unique potential. The teachers’ expertise in child psychology helps them to assess every child’s needs, capabilities, strengths and weaknesses. This, in turn, helps them to provide the necessary teaching aids and other means to motivate children.

From organizing activities for children, conducting interactive sessions with parents to curating a nutritious weekly menu of school snacks – our enthusiastic teachers do their very best.


The current pandemic did not hinder the progress of our children as our conscientious teachers offered live video interactive sessions for each and every child.


Genuinely friendly & warm teachers

Casa Maria is a school that has genuinely friendly and warm teachers. My son had attended summer camp activities there. He was very happy to be there, doing activities like sandwich making, craft making and so on. Overall, I would highly recommend this school to any parent who is looking to give a strong foundation for their little ones.
Smitha Abraham

Child-centered approach

A Transformative Experience for My Child at Casa Maria Montessori School. As a parent, my experience with Casa Maria Montessori School has been nothing short of transformative for my child. From the moment we entered the warm and inviting atmosphere of the school, it was evident that this institution was committed to providing a unique and enriching educational experience. One of the standout features that immediately captured my attention was the child-centered approach to learning. Casa Maria Montessori places a strong emphasis on fostering independence and critical thinking skills. My child has thrived in an environment that encourages exploration and self-discovery, allowing them to develop a genuine love for learning.
Himabindu K

The best decisions we took

Both my children went to Casa Maria. It was one of the best decisions we took to send them there. the teachers, support staff, principal were all so caring and understanding. They gave attention to each child and ensured they learn the concepts well. It has been a few years since both my children have moved to regular school but still they have good memories of the place, in fact there are times when they go back to Casa Maria to meet the teachers. I would recommend sending your child to Casa Maria.
Harish Tolani

Fostering a bright future at Casa Maria

As new members join our Casa Maria family, we extend our heartfelt commitment to their bright future. Our dedication to excellence in education, personal growth and community is unwavering. Together, we nurture a love for learning and empower each child to thrive, creating a legacy of success.

Casa Maria Montessori