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Beautifully crafted


The Montessori method, developed by Italian physician Dr. Maria Montessori, in early 1900’s, is a child-centric method practised globally; it emphasizes hands-on learning in children, thus leading to the holistic development of the child. A Montessori classroom is a beautifully crafted environment designed to cater to the needs of children. Here, discipline and freedom goes hand-in-hand. The classrooms encourage children of mixed age groups to work with specially designed materials, which help them to learn and master different concepts. The Montessori materials not only help the child to achieve the developmental purpose they are meant for but also to enhance the child’s personality. The mixed age group environment encourages the little ones to learn from their older friends, while the older ones can solidify their knowledge and gain leadership skills as they help the younger ones to learn. Teachers play a crucial role in Montessori classrooms. They are specially trained to observe and respond to the needs of each child, guiding and encouraging each one of them. Under the guidance of teachers, children work independently or in a group.


Mother's Compassion

Casa Maria's foundation is built on the love and compassion Merrin Charles felt as a mother, creating an environment where children feel cherished and nurtured.


Montessori Excellence

With a strong Montessori foundation, Casa Maria provides a holistic and child-centric education, focusing on independence and self-discovery.


Enduring Bonds

Casa Maria's legacy includes forming deep, lasting connections not only with children but also with their parents, creating a close-knit, supportive community.

Our belief

"Little hands of children mould the future, little feet of children lead the way, little hearts of children hold infinite love and little minds of children hold knowledge infinitum. Educate and nourish them and little children will burst into little stars, stars that will change our lives in much more than little ways”.


Best Experience

A place that nurtures its students with love and personal care. Each child is looked after as an individual and care is taken to understand individual needs.
Nishmita D'Souza

Love and Affection

Casa Maria was like a second home for my son. He got so much love and attention there though he was very naughty. I had even been an assistant teacher there for some time. They handle all kids with love and affection. I’m still in touch with the director who’s the sweetest person I ever met. It has been 12 years we have this bonding. Casa Maria is the best memory of my son.
Ananya Roy

Warm Hearted Teachers

Amazing school with very warm hearted teachers and staff. They not only focus on the academic growth of the students, but also on moral development of the students in order to make them a better human being.
Mustafa Khan

Casa Maria Montessori