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Cultural Activities

Exploring Culture, Geography and Botany - Enriching Young Minds at Casa Maria

At Casa Maria, culture is a vibrant tapestry of festivals and celebrations that envelop the year. Geography enables the children to understand water and land bodies and explore the globe and maps.

Botany awakens the child to the wonders of plant life. Through hands-on experiences and field trips, children learn about the life cycle of plants and appreciate nature’s diverse beauty.

They discover leaf shapes and grasp the intricate interdependence between plant life and humanity.

Zoology invites children to satisfy their curiosity about the animal kingdom. They delve into classification, life cycles and habitats. At Casa Maria, these subjects are not just academic; they are an enriching exploration of the world around us.

The rich trail of learning

Fostering a world of wonder

Casa Maria fosters a dynamic learning experience, where culture is a vibrant celebration, geography an exciting voyage, botany a journey into the world of plants and zoology a captivating exploration of the animal kingdom.

Cultural Immersion

Geographical Exploration

Botanical and Zoological Discoveries

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