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Story Behind Casa Maria

Divine blessings

Casa Maria, House of Mary

Rewind to the year 2000 and you would find me Merrin, a young, working and devoted mother to three beautiful daughters. Life was bustling, but it was not without its challenges. My second daughter, just three years old at the time, had a daily ritual of tears and school refusal. It was a heart-wrenching situation, one that left me feeling utterly powerless. I wished, with all my heart, that no parent or child should endure such a terrifying experience. That moment marked a turning point in my life. I realized that children needed more than just a classroom; they needed loving, gentle and caring environments to truly flourish. And so began my journey into the world of children's education, where I discovered the Montessori philosophy. Impressed by its holistic approach, I made a life-altering decision and enrolled in a diploma course in Montessori education at the Indian Montessori Training Centre (IMTC) in Bangalore. After a year of rigorous training, I immersed myself in volunteering at various Montessori schools. This hands-on experience allowed me to work closely with tender children and their concerned parents. It was transformative for me which enventually laid the foundation for Casa Maria. Today, Casa Maria stands proudly as a testament to 22+ years of nurturing children with love and dedication. We have groomed countless happy, precious and successful children while forming enduring bonds with them and their parents. Casa Maria is a place where love for children is our legacy and I am honored to be a part of this remarkable journey.

Merrin Charles

Founder Principal

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Years with Children

Our belief

"Little hands of children mould the future, little feet of children lead the way, little hearts of children hold infinite love and little minds of children hold knowledge infinitum. Educate and nourish them and little children will burst into little stars, stars that will change our lives in much more than little ways”.


My Second Home

Casa Maria Montessori School, it was my second home, till I turned four. With colourful walls and a huge dome, A place I couldn’t love more!

Journey we Embarked!

Smiling faces greeted us at the gate, A new day it marked. To play in the ground, I couldn’t wait, As on our learning journey we embarked!

Our Bestest of Friends

Instilled in us, manners and etiquette/discipline, Lessons taught at a very young age. It was here, our bestest of friends we met, Helped shape us into this stage!

Casa Maria Montessori