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Numbers come to life as children discover quantity-symbol relationships through interactive Montessori materials.

In our Montessori haven, we unveil the wonders of arithmetic through hands-on experiences. Children explore the relationship between quantities and their corresponding symbols, from 0 to 9, using a series of counting rods. They embark on a fascinating journey of matching symbol cards with these rods, which forms the bedrock of their mathematical comprehension.

Our approach extends further into the world of numbers through a diverse array of beads and symbol cards, allowing children to grasp the decimal system with ease. The children develop a profound understanding of how numbers operate and the connections between quantity and symbol. At Casa Maria, mathematics is not just a subject; it is a captivating exploration of the language of numbers.

Beyond calculations

The mathematical odyssey begins

Our approach goes further, introducing a rich array of beads and symbol cards, making the decimal system come to life. At Casa Maria, mathematics is an exciting experience, not just a subject.

Concrete Mathematical Foundations

Unlocking the Decimal System

More Than Calculations

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