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Through immersive experiences, children absorb the sounds and symbols, setting the stage for their reading expedition

Language, the essence of human connection, unfolds naturally in a child’s life. In the welcoming embrace of Casa Maria’s Montessori environment, this learning takes a unique and enriching path. Here, children discover that words are not mere expressions; they are compositions of sounds, each endowed with its symbol. 

Through this revelation, our Montessori learners embark on their reading odyssey at their own pace. Yet, this linguistic voyage does not exist in isolation. Casa Maria recognizes that a strong linguistic foundation is not built solely through traditional language lessons, instead it thrives in practical life experiences and sensory explorations.

Central to this journey are the sandpaper letters, offering a phonetic key to the world of reading. Additionally, we introduce the movable alphabets with cut-out letters, enabling children to construct words that echo their phonetic understanding.


The Casa Maria approach is a celebration of each child’s linguistic odyssey, a unique expedition toward reading and writing. Our enriching environment respects their individual pace, ensuring they are not rushed but instead bloom into confident and expressive communicators when they are ready. It is the Casa Maria way of crafting lifelong language lovers and learners.

The power of phonetics

Sandpaper letters and moveable alphabets

With the moveable alphabets, children construct words based on their phonetic understanding. This dynamic method helps them to develop writing skills, explore words and use language effectively.

Reading and Writing

Strong Linguistic Foundation

Unleashes their Imagination

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