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Our School

Discover the joy of learning within Casa Maria's nurturing environment

A safe Haven for learning and development

Casa Maria has been designed exclusively for the child, thus providing a nurturing and stimulating environment where the child feels safe and valued. Our classrooms have natural lighting, good ventilation, soft colours and uncluttered spaces, which facilitate the child to work calmly with a wide array of Montessori materials. There is a cozy reading corner in each of the classrooms, where children can choose and read from a varied collection of books. Casa Maria also has a little zen garden with variety of healthy plants and shrubs that act as an ideal spot for children to explore their gardening skills.

The sunny sand area of Casa Maria is a child’s paradise. The echoing giggles and chuckles of the children in the sand area makes it irresistible even for the grown-ups to stay away from it. As the child’s health and development is of utmost importance, the entire premise is regularly sanitized and maintained spotlessly clean. Casa Maria provides children a joy ride to school and back. Our able van assistant ensures that the children are safe, indeed a blessing to the parents.

Creating a safe and enriching environment at Casa Maria

Commitment to excellence in education and personal growth


School Ideology



School Space


Fun Activities

Setting the path for academic success

Scholastic goal

Casa Maria's scholastic goals are to cultivate a love for learning, foster academic excellence, promote critical thinking and nurture well-rounded individuals who embrace knowledge, creativity and lifelong curiosity.

Academic Accomplishments 90%
Achieving Educational Milestones 96%

Our belief

"Little hands of children mould the future, little feet of children lead the way, little hearts of children hold infinite love and little minds of children hold knowledge infinitum. Educate and nourish them and little children will burst into little stars, stars that will change our lives in much more than little ways”.


Learned Through Activities

Attention to detail, a key aspect, We learned through activities, fun. Catering to a child’s individual needs in every respect, This school is second to none!

The Most Learning I Gained

Overall development, the mark to be attained, In each and every child. In these crucial years, the most learning I gained, With all the guidance they did provide!

Dedicated & Committed

A school, dedicated and committed like no other! ❤️ Veronica (class of 2004) and Antin (class of 2012)

Casa Maria Montessori