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Our Programs

A world of exciting activities for young minds


In Casa Maria, academic learning is complemented with various other activities. Each day holds some exciting activities for the children, which help them to identify and develop their inner talents.




In Casa Maria, learning happens even beyond the four walls of the classroom. Children here get an opportunity to explore and understand different aspects of our society and culture through various enrichment programs.

Well-organized trips to farms, parks etc. opens up a new horizon for children as they can explore the nature around.

All year long, children are motivated to participate in different theme-based programs, which help them to have a better understanding of our sociocultural aspects.

In Casa Maria, different festivals are celebrated with children to enhance their awareness and appreciation of the diverse cultures of our country.

The yearly summer camps organized in Casa Maria offer an array of fun filled, innovative and challenging activities for the children.

Children are regularly engaged in different physical activities like yoga, dance, sports, etc which not only boost their physical health but also help them to achieve cognitive and emotional development.

Art and crafts play an integral part in our programs since it is very important to stimulate the creativity and spark imagination in children.

Rhyme time, storytelling sessions and science experiments held in Casa Maria opens the window to the outer world for the children. These modes of entertainment are utilized to introduce new concepts and reinforce positive interaction in children.

*Age limit mentioned is subjective to different criteria. Contact us for more details.

Our belief

"Little hands of children mould the future, little feet of children lead the way, little hearts of children hold infinite love and little minds of children hold knowledge infinitum. Educate and nourish them and little children will burst into little stars, stars that will change our lives in much more than little ways”.


The Happy Place

Casa Maria”… is a meaningful name. For both my children, now 18 (son) and 12 (daughter), this place has only one adjective and that is “The happy place”. It brings a shine on their faces at just the mention of it or even when we pass by sometimes. And I am a happy parent! The educators in this institute, along with the directress, not only imparts knowledge but also inculcate values along with abundant affection to the children. I wish the whole team of Casa Maria all the very best and wish they touch many more tiny hearts with the same love and affection!!
Happy Parent

With Utmost Care

Casa Maria – a name synonymous with care, learning, patience, smiling faces, reliability and reassurance. A Montessori house like no other. Casa Maria was like a warm hug to my now teenage daughter. “To her and to us”, her parents, Casa Maria will always remain the most trusted centre for early learning and education. Merrin and her wonderful team of Montessori adults will make sure that your precious little package is handled “with utmost care”, love and affection as they incorporate learning with fun seamlessly. Casa Maria, may you be forever blessed.
Happy Parent

Casa Maria Montessori