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Exercises of Practical Life

At Casa Maria, We embark on an educational journey that begins with an embrace of Practical Life Activities.

These activities serve as a gateway to independence, offering children the opportunity to interact with materials they encounter daily but are yet to fully explore. As they engage in these tasks, children gain a sense of control over their lives and surroundings. Practical life activities nurture their ability to care for themselves, fostering self-reliance and a deep understanding of personal responsibility. Beyond self-sufficiency, these exercises enhance essential skills like eye-hand coordination and social interaction. Sweeping, polishing, carrying water, pouring and table wiping become more than chores; they promote growth and developments in various areas.

Our well-designed Montessori materials extend the scope of learning, allowing children to master fastening devices like tying, buttoning and snapping. These exercises are not merely about the physical aspect;  they are about cultivating concentration, attention to detail and good work habits. As children follow precise sequences of actions, they develop the ability to focus, laying the foundation for more complex academic endeavors. Exercises of Practical Life, in essence, are the cornerstone upon which children build their academic future.

Nurturing independence and essential life skills

Practical life activities at Casa Maria

At Casa Maria, we celebrate these early steps toward independence and holistic development. It is through these seemingly simple activities that our young learners embark on a remarkable journey of self-discovery, nurturing skills and qualities that will serve them throughout their lives.

Independence &

Fine & Gross
Motor Skills

Attention to Detail

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